Reservations and Traveling

1. How much notice is required to make a reservation?
We suggest that you book a reservation at least 24 hours in advance to make sure for a car availability. However, sometimes we are able to service unscheduled pickups.  You may call us for same-day availability.

2. Will I get a call when my car arrives?
Yes. Your chauffeur will contact you when arriving on location to let you know his exact position.

3. Can the chauffeur come into my building to pick up my luggage and bring it out to the car?
Yes, as a courtesy to our customers, one of the responsibilities of our chauffeurs is to assist with your luggage.  He will pick up your luggage from the building and bring it to the vehicle.

4. How much notice is required to cancel a reservation?
Oca Tours requests that our customers cancel their reservations at least 2 hours in advance for Bucharest pick-ups and at least 12 hours in advance for pick-ups outside Bucharest.

5. May I make a last minute change to my reservation?
Yes, in most of the cases we can accommodate last minute changes. 
In case of a last minute change we suggest you either call us (+40 723 217 073) or you send an e-mail. 

6. If I have already booked a reservation from one of Bucharest airports, what should I do once I land? 
Your chauffeur will wait for you in the dedicated area on the right hand side of the Information Desk. He will have a banner with your company’s logo or your name on it.

7. For airport pickups, must I reserve a car in advance or can I just call once I land? How long will it take to pick me up?
If you would like to ensure availability, we suggest that you book a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. However, sometimes we are able to service unscheduled pickups.  You may call us (+40 723 217 073) for same-day availability but you have to know that it may take us more than an hour to pull up to your terminal.


Vehicle Issues

1. Must I wear a seat belt in a Oca Tours Car?
Absolutely. Oca Tours chauffeurs will start the cars only after they make sure that passengers are seated comfortably and have seatbelts fastened.

2. Must my child be in a child safety/booster seat?

3. Does Oca Tours supply infant or booster seats?


Special Needs

1. Does Oca Tours provide handicapped accessible vehicles?
Currently Oca Tours does not provide handicapped accessible vehicles but we will introduce it in the future.

2. Will Oca Tours carry a Service Dog?
Yes. Please, when booking a reservation, make sure to mention that you will be traveling with a service dog so that we can accommodate you.

3. May I bring my pet in a Oca Tours vehicle?
Yes. Oca Tours can accommodate dogs, cats and small pets.  With the exception of service dogs, any animal over 10 kg (22 lbs) must ride in a carrier when traveling in an Oca Tours vehicle.  All animals must be leashed. 
Please, when booking a reservation, make sure to mention that you will be traveling with a pet. If you fail to notify, the chauffeur reserves the right to refuse to transport the pet.

4. How old must my child be to travel alone?
Children must be at least 7 years of age to travel alone.



1. Can I get a receipt when I pay in cash?
Yes. Your chauffeur will provide you with a cash receipt in the vehicle at the end of your trip. 

2. Who is responsible for any toll charges incurred during my trip?
All toll charges are included in the quoted price. 

3. May I pay with a personal or business check?
No, we do not accept checks.

4. Does Oca Tours charge waiting time? If so, how is waiting time charged?
Yes. Waiting time charges may be incurred if a passenger arrives late to a pick-up.  Waiting time is based on the hourly rate for a particular vehicle.
Time spent waiting at additional stops will also be charged as waiting time. Waiting time charges may apply after the complimentary waiting time expires on a round-trip.

5. How much are tolls?
Tolls depend on the route taken to get to your destination. An average toll in Romania is 3 Euro / 13 lei.

6. How can I pre-pay for a reservation?
You may pre-pay for a reservation by bank transfer or by cash at our headquarters.
In case that you want to pay by bank transfer, please contact us by phone or by e-mail and we will give you all necessary data.


Credit Card Payment

1. Can I use my debit/credit card to pay for a ride?
Currently, Oca Tours vehicles are not equipped with POS. We plan on introducing POS in the near future.


Lost Items

1. If I left a personal item in a Oca Tours car, how can I get it back?
Yes. In case that you left a personal item in one of Oca Tours vehicles we will contact and inform you about it.  If you wish to have a courier pick up the item from our office and deliver it to you, please notify us by phone or by e-mail that you will arrange for a courier to make the delivery.


Corporate Accounts

1. How can I apply for a corporate account?
We kindly invite you to discuss opening a corporate account for your company.  Please call us and we will establish a meeting to discuss all details. 



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The fleet includes cars and minibuses produced between 2011 - 2016 equipped with:

• air conditioning

• auxiliary heat

• audio system

• generous storage space

• adjustable seats


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